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 13 episodes, 1 season
United States (2004-2005)
Canceled/Ended in 2005

Episode 3 of "LAX"
s01e03 The Longest Day

Title: The Longest Day

Original Air Date: 09/27/2004 on NBC

Director: Anthony Russo
Writer: Jill Blotevogel

Guest Stars: James Gammon (Bill Blakely), Sharon Brathwaite (Classmate Jill), David Clennon), David Clennon (Ralph Gravis), Bill Jacobson (Air Marshall), Nancy Linari (Flight Attendant Gayle), Rusty Schwimmer (Pam), Vincent Jerosa (Classmate Artie), Ryan Honey (Fletcher), Joel David Moore (Eddie), Sarah Buehler (Teenager), Sharon Leal (Monique DeSouza), Beverly Leach), Beverly Leach (Captain Rachel Tyrell), Rusty Scwimmer), Alexandra Wescourt (Alissa), Abigail Marlowe (Flight Attendant Petra)

Plot Outline:

On his way home from a conference in Sacramento with a quick jaunt to Las Vegas, Roger begins to suspect his plane might be in trouble when a minor electrical surge sets off the cabin call lights. Using his status as LAX tower supervisor and experience as a flight engineer, he attempts to gain control of the situation, only to discover the plane is experiencing a massive power failure as the control instruments slowly start to fail. In the LAX control tower, Harley attempts to guide the distressed plane in for a safe landing while Tony keeps Roger's wife comforted in the terminal.

Episode Pictures:

LAX photo 1 (episode s01e03) LAX photo 2 (episode s01e03) LAX photo 3 (episode s01e03) LAX photo 4 (episode s01e03)
LAX photo 5 (episode s01e03) LAX photo 6 (episode s01e03) LAX photo 7 (episode s01e03) LAX photo 8 (episode s01e03)


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