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  That's so Raven
 100 episodes, 4 seasons
United States (2002-????)
Returning Series

Episode 82 of "That's so Raven"
s04e04 Unhappy Medium

Title: Unhappy Medium

Original Air Date: 03/17/2006

Plot Outline:

A famous movie director is filiming the final scene of his movie a Bayside, which is starring a famous, rich actress. Raven has a vision that the actress is going to choke on a special flavor of taffy, so she dives at her to prevent her from choking. Her bodyguards sieze Raven, who explains that she just didn't want her to choke on the special flavor of taffy. Raven admits to the actress that she is psychic, who is, coincedentally, playing a psychic in the movie. She wants to spend time with Raven to learn about psychics, but Raven tells her that they are just normal people. The actress is uninterested, so she leaves. Raven is convinced by Eddie and Chelsea to act like a stereo-type psychic so she they can go to her house in Malibu, but Raven then has a real vision that the actress will get fired for imitating Raven's actions, and feels guilty. So Raven tries to stop her.


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