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  Babylon 5
 110 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (1993-1999)
Canceled/Ended in 1999

Episode 106 of "Babylon 5"
s05e18 The Fall of Centauri Prime (2/2)

Title: The Fall of Centauri Prime (2/2)

Original Air Date: 10/28/1998 on TNT

Director: Douglas E. Wise
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski

Guest Stars: Damian London (Regent), Robin Sachs (Na'Tok), Simon Billig (Ranger)

Plot Outline:

As Centauri Prime is being bombarded, the Drakh, the real masters behind the war, reveal themselves to Londo. They force him to go along with their plan to alienate the Centauri from the alliance, and use what's left as their new home.


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