A Showtime original series starring Michael C. Hall as an handsome and charming serial killer.
Ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities on NBC.
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  Cold Case
 99 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (2003-????)
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Episodes of "Cold Case"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Look Again
s01e02   Gleen
s01e03   Our Boy Is Back
s01e04   Churchgoing People
s01e05   The Runner
s01e06   Love Conquers Al
s01e07   A Time to Hate
s01e08   Fly Away
s01e09   Sherry Darlin'
s01e10   The Hitchhiker
s01e11   Hubris
s01e12   Glued
s01e13   The Letter
s01e14   Boy in the Box
s01e15   Disco Inferno
s01e16   Volunteers
s01e17   The Lost Soul of Herman Lester
s01e18   Resolutions
s01e19   Late Returns
s01e20   Greed
s01e21   Maternal Instincts
s01e22   The Plan
s01e23   Lover's Lane

Season 2 :

s02e01   The Badlands
s02e02   Factory Girls
s02e03   Daniela
s02e04   The House
s02e05   Who's Your Daddy
s02e06   The Sleepover
s02e07   It's Raining Men
s02e08   Red Glare
s02e09   Mind Hunters
s02e10   Discretion
s02e11   Blank Generation
s02e12   Yo, Adrian
s02e13   Time to Crime
s02e14   Revolution
s02e15   Wishing
s02e16   Revenge
s02e17   Schadenfreude
s02e18   Ravaged
s02e19   Strange Fruit
s02e20   Kensington
s02e21   Creatures of the Night
s02e22   Best Friends
s02e23   The Woods

Season 3 :

s03e01   Family
s03e02   The Promise
s03e03   Bad Night
s03e04   Colors
s03e05   Commited
s03e06   Saving Patrick Buble
s03e07   Start-Up
s03e08   Honor
s03e09   The Choice
s03e10   Frank's Best
s03e11   8 Years
s03e12   Detention (a.k.a. All Apologies)
s03e13   Debut
s03e14   Dog Day Afternoons
s03e15   Sanctuary
s03e16   One Night
s03e17   Super Star
s03e18   Willkommen
s03e19   Beautiful Little Fool
s03e20   Death Penalty: Final Appeal
s03e21   The Hen House
s03e22   The River
s03e23   Joseph

Season 4 :

s04e01   Rampage
s04e02   War At Home
s04e03   Sandhogs
s04e04   Baby Blues
s04e05   Saving Sammy
s04e06   Static
s04e07   The Key
s04e08   Fireflies
s04e09   Lonely Hearts
s04e10   Forever Blue
s04e11   The Red and the Blue
s04e12   Knuckle Up
s04e13   Blackout
s04e14   8:03 AM
s04e15   Blood on the Tracks
s04e16   The Good-Bye Room
s04e17   Shuffle, Ball Change
s04e18   A Dollar, A Dream
s04e19   Offender
s04e20   Stand Up and Holler
s04e21   Torn
s04e22   Cargo
s04e23   The Good Death
s04e24   Stalker

Season 5 :

s05e01   Thrill Kill
s05e02   That Woman
s05e03   Running Around
s05e04   TBA
s05e05   TBA
s05e06   TBA


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