A Showtime original series starring Michael C. Hall as an handsome and charming serial killer.
Ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities on NBC.
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 141 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (2000-????)
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Episodes of "CSI"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Pilot
s01e02   Cool Change
s01e03   Crate 'n Burial
s01e04   Pledging Mr. Johnson
s01e05   Friends & Lovers
s01e06   Who Are You?
s01e07   Blood Drops
s01e08   Anonymous
s01e09   Unfriendly Skies
s01e10   Sex, Lies and Larvae
s01e11   I-15 Murders
s01e12   Fahrenheit 932
s01e13   Boom
s01e14   To Halve and to Hold
s01e15   Table Stakes
s01e16   Too Tough to Die
s01e17   Face Lift
s01e18   $35K O.B.O.
s01e19   Gentle, Gentle
s01e20   Sounds of Silence
s01e21   Justice is Served
s01e22   Evaluation Day
s01e23   The Strip Strangler

Season 2 :

s02e01   Burked
s02e02   Chaos Theory
s02e03   Overload
s02e04   Bully for You
s02e05   Scuba Doobie-Doo
s02e06   Alter Boys
s02e07   Caged
s02e08   Slaves of Las Vegas
s02e09   And Then There Were None
s02e10   Ellie
s02e11   Organ Grinder
s02e12   You've Got Male
s02e13   Identity Crisis
s02e14   The Finger
s02e15   Burden of Proof
s02e16   Primum Non Nocere
s02e17   Felonius Monk
s02e18   Chasing the Bus
s02e19   Stalker
s02e20   Cats in the Cradle
s02e21   Anatomy of a Lye
s02e22   Cross-Jurisdictions
s02e23   The Hunger Artist

Season 3 :

s03e01   Revenge Is Best Served Cold
s03e02   The Accused Is Entitled
s03e03   Let the Seller Beware
s03e04   A Little Murder
s03e05   Abra Cadaver
s03e06   The Execution of Catherine Willows
s03e07   Fight Night
s03e08   Snuff
s03e09   Blood Lust
s03e10   High and Low
s03e11   Recipe for Murder
s03e12   Got Murder?
s03e13   Random Acts of Violence
s03e14   One Hit Wonder
s03e15   Lady Heather's Box
s03e16   Lucky Strike
s03e17   Crash and Burn
s03e18   Precious Metal
s03e19   A Night at the Movies
s03e20   Last Laugh
s03e21   Forever
s03e22   Play with Fire
s03e23   Inside the Box

Season 4 :

s04e01   Assume Nothing (1/2)
s04e02   All for Our Country (2/2)
s04e03   Homebodies
s04e04   Feeling the Heat
s04e05   Fur and Loathing
s04e06   Jackpot
s04e07   Invisible Evidence
s04e08   After the Show
s04e09   Grissom Versus the Volcano
s04e10   Coming of Rage
s04e11   Eleven Angry Jurors
s04e12   Butterflied
s04e13   Suckers
s04e14   Paper or Plastic
s04e15   Early Rollout
s04e16   Getting Off
s04e17   XX
s04e18   Bad to the Bone
s04e19   Bad Words
s04e20   Dead Ringer
s04e21   Turn of the Screws
s04e22   No More Bets
s04e23   Bloodlines

Season 5 :

s05e01   Viva Las Vegas
s05e02   Down the Drain
s05e03   Harvest
s05e04   Crow's Feet
s05e05   Swap Meet
s05e06   What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
s05e07   Formalities
s05e08   Ch-Ch-Changes
s05e09   Mea Culpa
s05e10   No Humans Involved
s05e11   Who Shot Sherlock?
s05e12   Snakes
s05e13   Nesting Dolls
s05e14   Unbearable
s05e15   King Baby
s05e16   Big Middle
s05e17   Compulsion
s05e18   Spark of Life
s05e19   4 x 4
s05e20   Hollywood Brass
s05e21   Committed
s05e22   Weeping Willows
s05e23   Iced
s05e24   Grave Danger (1/2)
s05e25   Grave Danger (2/2)

Season 6 :

s06e01   Bodies in Motion
s06e02   Room Service
s06e03   Bite Me
s06e04   Shooting Stars
s06e05   Gum Drops
s06e06   Secrets and Flies
s06e07   A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 1)
s06e08   A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 2)
s06e09   Dog Eat Dog
s06e10   Still Life
s06e11   Werewolves
s06e12   Daddy's Little Girl
s06e13   Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye
s06e14   Killer
s06e15   Pirates of the Third Reich
s06e16   Up In Smoke
s06e17   I Like to Watch
s06e18   The Unusual Suspect
s06e19   Spellbound
s06e20   Poppin' Tags
s06e21   Rashomama
s06e22   Time of Your Death
s06e23   Bang Bang
s06e24   Way To Go


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