A Showtime original series starring Michael C. Hall as an handsome and charming serial killer.
Ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities on NBC.
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  Everybody Hates Chris
 49 episodes, 3 seasons
United States (2005-????)
Returning Series

Episodes of "Everybody Hates Chris"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Everybody Hates the Pilot
s01e02   Everybody Hates Keisha
s01e03   Everybody Hates Basketball
s01e04   Everybody Hates Sausage
s01e05   Everybody Hates Fat Mike
s01e06   Everybody Hates Halloween
s01e07   Everybody Hates the Babysitter
s01e08   Everybody Hates the Laundromat
s01e09   Everybody Hates Food Stamps
s01e10   Everybody Hates Greg
s01e11   Everybody Hates Christmas
s01e12   Everybody Hates a Part-Time Job
s01e13   Everybody Hates Picture Day
s01e14   Everybody Hates Valentine's Day
s01e15   Everybody Hates the Lottery
s01e16   Everybody Hates the Gout
s01e17   Everybody Hates Funerals
s01e18   Everybody Hates Corleone
s01e19   Everybody Hates Drew
s01e20   Everybody Hates Playboy
s01e21   Everybody Hates Jail
s01e22   Everybody Hates Father's Day

Season 2 :

s02e01   Everybody Hates Rejection
s02e02   Everybody Hates the Class President
s02e03   Everybody Hates Elections
s02e04   Everybody Hates a Liar
s02e05   Everybody Hates Malvo
s02e06   Everybody Hates The Buddy System
s02e07   Everybody Hates Promises
s02e08   Everybody Hates Thanksgiving
s02e09   Everybody Hates Superstition
s02e10   Everybody Hates Kris
s02e11   Everybody Hates Eggs
s02e12   Everybody Hates Hall Monitors
s02e13   Everybody Hates Snow Day
s02e14   Everybody Hates the Substitute
s02e15   Everybody Hates Cutting School
s02e16   Everybody Hates Chain Snatching
s02e17   Everybody Hates DJs
s02e18   Everybody Hates Baseball
s02e19   Everybody Hates Gambling
s02e20   Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes
s02e21   Everybody Hates Math
s02e22   Everybody Hates The Last Day

Season 3 :

s03e01   Everybody Hates The Guidance Counselor
s03e02   TBA
s03e03   TBA
s03e04   TBA
s03e05   TBA


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