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 139 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (2001-????)
Returning Series

Episode 4 of "Scrubs"
s01e04 My Old Lady

Title: My Old Lady

Original Air Date: 10/16/2001 on NBC

Plot Outline:

The three interns are each assigned patients with various illnesses. Statistically speaking, one of the three will die. J.D.'s patient is 86-year-old Mrs. Tanner, who is in renal failure... twenty-year-old David Morrison is Turk's hernia patient... and Elliot's patient Mrs. Guerrero, who speaks only Spanish, might have lupus. After diagnosis, the three doctors try to bond with their patients. When no one is watching, Mrs. Tanner leaves her room and goes to the park with her family for a birthday party/picnic for her five-year-old granddaughter. Pursuing J.D., after having some s'mores and cake, brings her back to the hospital, where she tells him she is now ready to die. Turk and David take a moment to bond by watching a classic football game on television... Elliot has Carla teach her some phrases in Spanish so she can communicate with Mrs. Guerrero. All three patients develop life-ending complications. J.D., Turk, and Elliot are shocked by their first professional experience with death... and in their own ways each accepts that death happens, and life goes on.


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