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 139 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (2001-????)
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Episode 16 of "Scrubs"
s01e16 My Heavy Meddle

Title: My Heavy Meddle

Original Air Date: 02/26/2002 on NBC

Plot Outline:

The awkwardness between J.D. and Elliot is so big that they can't even be in the same room together. Seeing his friends drift apart, Turk picks Elliot to work with him on a project, hoping it will bring the two together again. Todd, in a desperate attempt to hit on Elliot, tells Elliot that Turk picked her as his geek partner so she would do most of the work. Elliot abandons Turk, who reveals his real intentions. Finally, the awkwardness between J.D. and Elliot starts to cool off and they start having fun again like old times (throwing watermelons from the top of the building, for example). Meanwhile, Dr. Cox releases his anger by destroying an entire lab and later drags J.D. to a bar (with J.D. in his pajamas), where he opens his heart to him. And Carla confronts Dr. Kelso after he denies one of Carla's patient coma whishes, while the hospital lawyer develops a weird crush on her.


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