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 139 episodes, 6 seasons
United States (2001-????)
Returning Series

Episode 18 of "Scrubs"
s01e18 My Tuscaloosa Heart

Title: My Tuscaloosa Heart

Original Air Date: 03/12/2002 on NBC

Plot Outline:

J.D. has a patient who's rude to him and the nurses, and eventually dies from cancer. J.D. feels awful for not giving him his full attention and worries maybe he could have saved the guy if he was nicer to him, even though that's not true. Meanwhile, Elliot is convinced that Dr. Kelso is the one singing a song called "Tuscaloosa Heart" in a tape given to her by a patient who claims he went to college with Bob. And Dr. Cox finds himself trapped into a love square: he's falling in love with Kristen Murphy, his intern, just as his ex-wife reappears demanding sex – and he can't avoid her – and there's also his crush on Carla, that made him stand Kristen up. When she finds out about the other women, she leaves him, and Perry is once again at mercy of his ex-wife Jordan.


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