A Showtime original series starring Michael C. Hall as an handsome and charming serial killer.
Ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities on NBC.
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  The Incredible Hulk
 81 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (1978-1982)
Canceled/Ended in 1982

Episodes of "The Incredible Hulk"

Season 1 :

s01e01   The Final Round
s01e02   The Beast Within
s01e03   Of Guilt, Models, and Murder
s01e04   Terror in Times Square
s01e05   747
s01e06   The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas
s01e07   Never Give a Trucker an Even Break
s01e08   Life and Death
s01e09   Earthquakes Happen
s01e10   The Waterfront Story

Season 2 :

s02e01   Married (1)
s02e02   Married (2)
s02e03   The Antowuk Horror
s02e04   Ricky
s02e05   Rainbow's End
s02e06   A Child in Need
s02e07   Another Path
s02e08   Alice in Disco Land
s02e09   Killer Instinct
s02e10   Stop the Presses
s02e11   Escape from Los Santos
s02e12   Wildfire
s02e13   A Solitary Place
s02e14   Like a Brother
s02e15   The Haunted
s02e16   Mystery Man (1)
s02e17   Mystery Man (2)
s02e18   The Disciple
s02e19   No Escape
s02e20   Kindered Spirits
s02e21   The Confession
s02e22   The Quiet Room
s02e23   Vendetta Road

Season 3 :

s03e01   Metamorphosis
s03e02   Blind Rage
s03e03   Brain Child
s03e04   The Slam
s03e05   My Favorite Magician
s03e06   Jake
s03e07   Behind the Wheel
s03e08   Homecoming
s03e09   The Snare
s03e10   Babalao
s03e11   Captive Night
s03e12   Broken Image
s03e13   Proof Positive
s03e14   Sideshow
s03e15   Long Run Home
s03e16   Falling Angels
s03e17   The Lottery
s03e18   The Psychic
s03e19   A Rock and a Hard Place
s03e20   Deathmask
s03e21   Equinox
s03e22   Nine Hours
s03e23   On the Line

Season 4 :

s04e01   Prometheus (1)
s04e02   Prometheus (2)
s04e03   Free Fall
s04e04   Dark Side
s04e05   Deep Shock
s04e06   Bring Me the Head of the Hulk
s04e07   Fast Lane
s04e08   Goodbye Eddie Cain
s04e09   King of the Beach
s04e10   Wax Museum
s04e11   East Winds
s04e12   The First (1)
s04e13   The First (2)
s04e14   The Harder They Fall
s04e15   Interview with the Hulk
s04e16   Half Nelson
s04e17   Danny
s04e18   Patterns

Season 5 :

s05e01   The Phenom
s05e02   Two Godmothers
s05e03   Veteran
s05e04   Sanctuary
s05e05   Triangle
s05e06   Slaves
s05e07   A Minor Problem


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