A Showtime original series starring Michael C. Hall as an handsome and charming serial killer.
Ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities on NBC.
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 75 episodes, 5 seasons
United States (2002-????)
Returning Series

Episodes of "Monk"

Season 1 :

s01e01   Mr. Monk and the Candidate (1/2)
s01e02   Mr. Monk and the Candidate (2/2)
s01e03   Mr. Monk and the Psychic
s01e04   Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale
s01e05   Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival
s01e06   Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum
s01e07   Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger
s01e08   Mr. Monk and the Other Woman
s01e09   Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man
s01e10   Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation
s01e11   Mr. Monk and the Earthquake
s01e12   Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger
s01e13   Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Season 2 :

s02e01   Mr. Monk Goes Back to School
s02e02   Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico
s02e03   Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame
s02e04   Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus
s02e05   Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man
s02e06   Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater
s02e07   Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect
s02e08   Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy
s02e09   Mr. Monk and the 12th Man
s02e10   Mr. Monk and the Paperboy
s02e11   Mr. Monk and the Three Pies
s02e12   Mr. Monk and the TV Star
s02e13   Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny
s02e14   Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife
s02e15   Mr. Monk Gets Married
s02e16   Mr. Monk Goes to Jail

Season 3 :

s03e01   Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan
s03e02   Mr. Monk and the Panic Room
s03e03   Mr. Monk and the Blackout
s03e04   Mr. Monk Gets Fired
s03e05   Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather
s03e06   Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf
s03e07   Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month
s03e08   Mr. Monk and the Game Show
s03e09   Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine
s03e10   Mr. Monk and the Red Herring
s03e11   Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra
s03e12   Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever
s03e13   Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic
s03e14   Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas
s03e15   Mr. Monk and the Election
s03e16   Mr. Monk and the Kid

Season 4 :

s04e01   Mr. Monk and the Other Detective
s04e02   Mr. Monk Goes Home Again
s04e03   Mr. Monk Stays in Bed
s04e04   Mr. Monk Goes to the Office
s04e05   Mr. Monk Gets Drunk
s04e06   Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk
s04e07   Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding
s04e08   Mr. Monk and Little Monk
s04e09   Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa
s04e10   Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show
s04e11   Mr. Monk Bumps His Head
s04e12   Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage
s04e13   Mr. Monk and the Big Reward
s04e14   Mr. Monk and the Astronaut
s04e15   Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist
s04e16   Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty

Season 5 :

s05e01   Mr. Monk and the Actor
s05e02   Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike
s05e03   Mr. Monk and the Big Game
s05e04   Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing
s05e05   Mr. Monk, Private Eye
s05e06   Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion
s05e07   Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink
s05e08   Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert
s05e09   Mr. Monk Meets His Dad
s05e10   Mr. Monk And The Leper
s05e11   Mr. Monk Makes A Friend
s05e12   Mr. Monk Is At Your Service
s05e14   Mr. Monk Visits A Farm
s05e15   Mr. Monk And The Really, Really Dead Guy


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