A Showtime original series starring Michael C. Hall as an handsome and charming serial killer.
Ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities on NBC.
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  The Sentinel
 65 episodes, 4 seasons
United States (1996-1999)
Canceled/Ended in 1999

Episodes of "The Sentinel"

Season 1 :

s01e01   The Switchman
s01e02   Siege
s01e03   Killers
s01e04   The Debt
s01e05   Cypher
s01e06   Night Train
s01e07   Rogue
s01e08   Love and Guns
s01e09   Attraction
s01e10   Vow of Silence

Season 2 :

s02e01   Flight
s02e02   Out of the Past
s02e03   Deep Water
s02e04   Reunion
s02e05   Payback
s02e06   True Crime
s02e07   Ice Man
s02e08   The Rig
s02e09   Spare Parts
s02e10   Second Chance
s02e11   Black or White
s02e12   Blind Man's Bluff
s02e13   Hear No Evil
s02e14   Light My Fire
s02e15   Secret
s02e16   Dead Drop
s02e17   Red Dust
s02e18   Smart Alec
s02e19   Private Eyes
s02e20   Vanishing Act
s02e21   Pennies from Heaven
s02e22   Survival
s02e23   His Brother's Keeper
s02e24   Sleeping Beauty

Season 3 :

s03e01   Warriors
s03e02   Three Point Shot
s03e03   The Girl Next Door
s03e04   Poachers
s03e05   The Inside Man
s03e06   Vendetta
s03e07   Fool Me Twice
s03e08   Storm Warning
s03e09   Red Ice
s03e10   Dead Certain
s03e11   Breaking Ground
s03e12   Prisoner X
s03e13   The Trance
s03e14   Mirror Image
s03e15   Finkelman's Folly
s03e16   Sweet Science
s03e17   Remembrance
s03e18   Love Kills
s03e19   Crossroads
s03e20   Foreign Exchange
s03e21   Neighborhood Watch
s03e22   Night Shift
s03e23   Sentinel Too (1/2)

Season 4 :

s04e01   Sentinel Too (2/2)
s04e02   Murder 101
s04e03   Four Point Shot
s04e04   Dead End on Blank Street
s04e05   The Waiting Room
s04e06   The Real Deal
s04e07   Most Wanted
s04e08   The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg


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